Re: Vintage Buck 110 no-dot (1972-1974)


Re: Vintage Buck 110 no-dot (1972-1974)

Recently acquired this venerable oldie (1972-1974) which had a rounded point, no edge, and a handle filled with crud.
Cleaned everything with tootpicks, an old tootbrush with diluted detergent, and lastly an ultrasonic cleaner, polished the brass, then reground the blade by hand on wet & dry paper with WD40 as a lubricant.
The new convex edge measures ~25 degrees inclusive and there is a new point too.


Length open: 21,8 cm
Length closed: 12,3 cm
Blade length: 9,5 cm
Blade thickness: 3,0 mm
Blade grind: semi-hollow convex
Edge angle: ~25 degrees inclusive
Steel: 440C stainless
Hardness: ~60 HRC (estimate based on regrinding/sharpening)
Locktype: Backlock
Handle material: Solid brass with Makassar Ebony inlays
Weight: 194,9 grams
Belt sheath: Leather