M16 Compact EDC



ich habe mal an crkt gemailt und mich nach neuen M16 modellen erkundigt, die ja schon im handel sind bzw. zumindest schon angeboten werden. hier die antwort von crkt:

All our current M16-03 models will be made with the LAWKS from now on.
>You'll need to be sure you check the box before you buy it from the
>store to be sure it's the new style.
>We are also bringing out new for 2003 an aluminum version with the black
>blade. It's called the M16 Compact EDC (Every Day Carry) Plain edge
>tanto is model# M16-01K
>The blade is slightly smaller (3.12" cutting edge vs. the standard
>M16-03 with the 3.38")
>They will be available within the next 6-8 weeks.