Cone integral Art knife ,,APOCALYPS,,

stefan albert

APOCALYPS Type of knife : Cone integral Art Knife Steel : RWL-34 Hardness : 60 HRc Handle : Elephant tusk /CITES/ Total Lenght: 196 –mm /7,71 inch/ Accessories or decorations – Full carved steel ,scrimshawed handle, The materiall of the rack is wat.buffalo horn scrimshawed . On this project I worked more than 660 hours . The composition winning piece. WINNER categori BEST ART KNIFE 2010 TOP KNIFE 2010 that knife is so big projekt , its material has been produced straight for this purpose at the Damasteel firm in Sweeden, as it is chiselled out of 16 mm thick material. As for the theme, I tended to match it to an other similar knife of mine that is called Demon. That is how the theme of the composition became „APOCALYPSE”. I spent 660 hours with making this knife, which involves the carving, chiselling, scrimshaw and the rack. It has been made of RWL-34 steel, ivory handle (of course CITES), the whole length is 199 mm and it is 60 /HRc/ hard. In under 24 hours after the knife has reached its completition, it received the 1st prize in the decorated knives cathegory of a knife competition as well as the main prize, too.








Thank You ,Danke