Conaz Consigli Regional Italian Knives


For generations, the Consigli family has been leveraging its passion and expertise to produce high-quality traditional Tuscan pocketknives and cutlery, using the same forging techniques that the master knifemakers of Scarperia have been refining since the 14th century.

Consigli Scarperia - Three Pianelle R-TPC20 - knife

The name of this typical Scarperia knife is probably derived from the way the blade is machined, with three surfaces on each face. During the Nineteenth century, three different models were made in Scarperia forming part of the "style knives" group that differed, however, in the way the blade-faces were machined.The first two models gradually disappeared and only one was still produced in the Twentieth century. In spite of the aggressive shape of the blade, this knife was not banned. In fact, the laws of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany first, and the Kingdom of Italy later, allowed them to be used. Knife made in horn tip.
In the picture: handle in bovine horn

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Conaz Fiorentino - Conaz Piemontese - Conaz Bergamasco - Regional Italian Knife

Conaz Consigli Scarperia - Florentine Silver Engraved R-FIC20A - knife


The version of the Florentine silver has the same construction features of the Florentine classic, but it is made with silver trim, the lily, the band and rings handmade by skilled engravers. Model in horn tip.

Blade of carbon steel.
Blade length 9 cm.
Blade thickness 2.5 mm.
Overall length 20 cm.
Weight 78 gr.

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Consigli Scarperia - Piedmontese cattle polished PIC-18 - knife


Made according to the ancient art coltellinaia, the knife Piemontese, typical of the Piedmont Region, retains its original sober.
Solid and functional, the blade is stainless steel and the handle is made of a single piece horn cattle.

Stainless steel blade 440.
Blade length 8 cm.
Blade thickness 2.5 mm.
Overall length 18 cm.
Weight 50 gr.

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Conaz Consigli Scarperia - Horn Bergamasco - Regional Italian Knife


Craft knife regional product in Scarperia in use until the first half of 800 in Lombardy and in the valleys of Bergamo.

The handle is made from a full horn tip.

420 stainless steel blade 9 cm
Overall length 20 cm.

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