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Spyderco’s CPM® S110V® Family

Spyderco’s CPM® S110V® Family

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Spyderco has a close relationship with Crucible® Industries, the manufacturers of many of the steels we use in our knives. When Crucible developed CPM S110V stainless steel a few years ago, they sent us some for testing. As one of the industry leaders in “pushing the envelope” of blade steels, we jumped at the chance and eagerly put CPM S110V through its paces. In addition to testing every aspect of the steel’s performance in finished knives, we also evaluated its machinability, consistency in heat treating, surface finish, and overall behavior as a manufacturing material. When the dust settled, we really liked the steel and welcomed the opportunity to do more with it.
As soon as CPM S110V became available in sheet form that was readily usable in manufacturing, Spyderco began making plans to feature it in our most popular US-made products. To allow them to “stand out” from the rest, we also began searching for a distinctive handle color that would distinguish all the knives featuring that steel. Although it’s officially known as “midnight blue,” Spyderco forumites have affectionately dubbed it “blurple,” because of its purplish-blue hue.

Our elite “family” of US-made knives featuring CPM S110V steel now includes:

  • C36GPDBL MilitaryTM Model
  • C41GPDBL5 Native® 5
  • C41PDBL5 Native 5 Lightweight
  • C81GPDBL2 Para MilitaryTM 2
  • C101GPDBL2 ManixTM 2
  • C101PDBL2 Manix 2 Lightweight

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