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C193TIP Squarehead Folder

Being “different” has never bothered Spyderco. In fact, it’s one of the defining qualities of our approach to making knives—particularly knives like the newly released Squarehead™ folder.

The Squarehead is the brainchild of Darriel Caston, a full-time electrical and electronic engineer who has been designing and making custom knives part time since 1992. Long before that, he developed a deep fascination with pens, small folding knives, gadgets, and all things mechanical. That obsession—along with his skills in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), 3D software, and CNC programming and machining—have had a strong influence on his knife designs and enable him to translate the unique concepts in his head into sharp steel.

The heart of the Squarehead is its unusual square-shaped sheepfoot blade, which is machined from CPM® S30V® powder metallurgy stainless steel. Its single-sided, flat chisel grind offers an excellent balance of edge geometry and strength and allows the PlainEdge™ cutting edge to nest safely against the handle scale when the knife is closed. Spyderco’s Trademark Round Hole™ in the blade proudly identifies the knife’s brand identity and allows easy one- or two-handed opening.

Equally unique is the Squarehead’s single-sided handle. Machined from a solid piece of titanium, its one-piece construction includes an integral back strap that also serves as a blade stop and a guard for the blade’s edge when the knife is closed. To lock the blade in the open position, the handle also includes a precisely machined integral LinerLock-style mechanism with a ball bearing detent.

Incredibly small and lightweight, the Squarehead is one of the few Spyderco knives that does not include a clip. Instead, it features a wide slot in the butt end of the handle that allows easy attachment of a chain, fob, or lanyard. Assembled with screw-together construction to ensure the precise alignment of all parts, the blade, handle, and other key components of the Squarehead feature an attractive matte stonewash finish.

A worthy “poster child” for being different, the Squarehead offers impressive cutting performance in a unique, pocket-friendly package.

  • MSRP: $129.95
  • OVERALL: 3.30in 84mm
  • BLADE: 1.30in 33mm
  • EDGE: 1.25in 32mm
  • WEIGHT: 1.1oz 31g
  • GRIND: Flat-Chisel
  • ORIGIN: Taiwan

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2015 Blade Show Update

The soon-to-be-released, Cara Cara 2 Titanium folder (BY03TIP2) was awarded Best Buy of the Year®.
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And the Nirvana (C199TIP), a collaboration model with Peter Rassenti, was awarded Imported Knife of the Year®.
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Visit The Blade Show online for more information.

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