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  1. Mein erster Blogeintrag

    Hallo Messerforum!

    Obwohl ich seit circa 2 Jahren gewerbliches Mitglied im Messerforum bin, hatte ich bis jetzt noch keine Zeit euch meine Arbeiten zu zeigen.

    Ich hoffe, dass ich in Zukunft aktiver im Messerforum unterwegs sein kann und halte euch ab jetzt auf dem Laufenden.

    Meine Website ist jetzt auch schon eine Weile im Netz und dort findet ihr dann die meisten meiner neusten Arbeiten.

    Viel Spaß beim Stöbern

    Metin Anan
  2. Presseinfo: Viper by Tecocut - New models release: ODINO and BORR (design Jesper Vox)

    New models release: ODINO and BORR (design Jesper Voxnaes)

    he newest models from Viper, ODINO and BORR, are designed by world-famous Jesper Voxnaes. They are currently in production and will be shortly available for shipping.

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Name:	odino-02.jpg 
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ID:	181723

    ODINO is a premium-level folding knife designed by talented Danish designer Jesper Voxnaes. It sports a frame lock mechanism with ball bearings at the pivot and it is made out of noble and technological materials (the frame is full titanium and the scales are available in carbon fiber, titanium or G-10). The unique style of Jesper Voxnaes’ design, influenced both by Scandinavian design and American knifemaking, the “typically Viper” fine details and excellent finishes are combined into a stunning and absolutely original knife.

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Name:	Copertina-Newsletter-Odino-Borr.png 
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Name:	odino_03.jpg 
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ID:	181724

    BORR is a fixed knife designed with intense outdoor activities in mind, as revealed by the substantial thickness of the blade. The mainly straight edge is easy to re-sharpen and the finger choil allows a secure hold for precision works. The scales’ profile, typical of Vox designs, provides an excellent grip, while the lanyard holes on the blade and tang allow for different carrying possibilities.

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Name:	borr_07.jpg 
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Name:	borr_04.jpg 
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Name:	borr_03.jpg 
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ID:	181725

    Please click on the following link to download the brochure with the complete specifics: Brochure with new items for 2014 (NOTE: the Rhino is a 2013 model).

    Tecnocut snc
    Via Violis, n° 16
    33085 Maniago (Pn) Italy
    Tel. +39 0427 700153
    Fax +39 0427 731555
  3. Presseinfo: Extrema Ratio Resolza

    The resolza is today one of the most famous traditional knives of our country. Its name has ancient origins and recalls the razor.

    This model was firstly produced in Sardinia some centuries ago and it has attended the island farmers and shepherds in their daily works. It followed them even when those men were called to war. The chronicles of the Sassari Brigade during World War One quote this knife in each soldier outfit.

    We want to make a tribute revisiting this knife following our standards. In doing this we do not want to hurt any prestigious Sardinian craftsman who still hands down tradition and wisdom of his ancestors.

    Dimensions and proportions are the original ones with a 12 cm blade, but the materials and technologies are those of our production. The handle has been revised according to our style while the blade is closer to the original one.

    Extrema Ratio has improved the original version adding the liner lock.

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Name:	res_003.PNG 
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Name:	res_001.PNG 
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Name:	res_002.jpg 
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Name:	resolza_black_ridotto_2.jpg 
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Name:	res_005.PNG 
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Name:	res_004.jpg 
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ID:	181718

    Technical Sheet

    • Weight: g 93 - oz. 3.28
    • Blade Length: mm 122 - in. 4.8
    • Total Lenght: mm 268 - in. 10.55
    • Main Blade Thickness: mm 3 - in. 0.12
    • Blade material: BOHLER STEEL N690 (58HRC)
    • Main Grinding: FLAT
    • Blade Finishing: BURNISHING MIL-C-13924 or Stone Washed

    Extrema Ratio S.a.s.
    Via Tourcoing, 40/P - 59100 PRATO
    Tel. +39 (0)574 584639 -
  4. Presseinfo Spyderco C188ALTIP DOG TAG

    Serge Panchenko - Spyderco Dog Tag Folder

    Serge Panchenko was born in the Ukraine and immigrated to the United States with his family when he was eight years old. A natural tinkerer with a passion for working with his hands, he began making knives in 2007 shortly after attending his first knife show.

    Panchenko makes all types and styles of custom knives and strives to make each one a perfect balance of artistic expression and practical function. In addition to hand-crafted, one-at-a-time custom knives, he also makes handmade lanterns, beads, and other items, as well as “mid-tech” knife designs that combine partially finished, custom-machined parts with his hand-finished attention to detail. One of his most popular mid-tech designs is the Dog Tag folder—a small but amazingly capable folding knife that is the shape of a military dog tag when closed. Since Spyderco specializes in uniquely functional compact cutting tools, the Dog Tag Folder was a natural choice for a collaborative effort with Panchenko.

    The Dog Tag Folder is a unique departure from Spyderco’s typical folding knife construction methods. Its single-sided handle is fabricated from solid titanium and accurately replicates the size and shape of a military dog tag. The center of the handle scale is machined to create an integral spring bar that houses a steel ball bearing for the blade’s detent mechanism. At the top of the handle is a titanium back strap that defines the blade’s limits of travel in both the open and closed positions and provides protection from the edge when the knife is closed.

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Name:	C188ALTI_L.jpg 
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Größe:	236,5 KB 
ID:	178319

    • length overall 3.23" (82 mm)
    • length closed 2" (51 mm)
    • blade length 1.23" (31 mm)
    • cutting edge 1.14" (29 mm)
    • blade thickness 0.118" (3.0 mm)
    • blade steel CPM S30V
    • weight 0.9 oz (26 g)
    • handle material Titanium

    The “business end” of the Dog Tag is a sheepfoot-style blade made from premium CPM® S30V® particle metallurgy stainless steel. To protect the edge when closed, the blade is chisel ground with a single flat bevel on the front side—an unusual feature for a Spyderco knife. Our Trademark Round Hole™ in the blade allows easy opening, and a subtle swedge (unsharpened bevel) and a decorative fuller (groove) near the spine add a touch of style. The blade’s pivot is also accentuated by a round titanium disk that provides stability and structural strength as well as an aesthetic touch.

    A non-locking folder, the Dog Tag’s blade is held in place in the open position by a detent mechanism. A ball bearing in the handle scale’s integral spring arm indexes holes in the tang of the blade to hold it both closed and open. Since the blade does not lock, care should be taken during use to apply cutting pressure only in a direction that maintains the knife’s open position.

    Released in 2014, the Dog Tag is available ...
  5. Presseinfo: Böker Highlights Herbst/Winter 2014

    145 Jahre Böker Jubiläumsedition - neue Modelle.

    In Ergänzung zu den 10 Jubiläumsmodellen, die wir im ersten Halbjahr 2014 vorgestellt haben, folgen nun weitere 8 Klassiker aus dem Böker Solingen Sortiment, die unsere stilvolle Jubiläumsedition abrunden. Die Griffschalen bestehen aus edlem Ebenholz, mit einem eingelegten Jubiläumsemblem aus 925 Sterling Silber. Die polierten Klingen tragen ebenfalls einen eigens geschaffenen Jubiläumsschriftzug, der die Messer dieser Serie im Zusammenspiel mit der Limitierung auf 145 Stück zu begehrten Sammlerobjekten macht.

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Name:	Böker Optima Anniversary.jpg 
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Größe:	66,8 KB 
ID:	178069

    Böker Applegate Century Edition - limitierte Jubiläumsserie zum 100. Geburtstag von Colonel Rex Applegate (1914-1998).

    Das Böker Applegate-Fairbairn Modell ist mit seinen Varianten in der Messerszene moderner Einsatzmesser als Klassiker fest etabliert. Den 100. Geburtstag von Col. Rex Applegate möchten wir mit einer besonderen Jubiläumsserie würdigen. Die vier ausgesuchten Modelle sind echte Leckerbissen für alle Freunde und Sammler exklusiver Einsatzmesser. Die Beschalung aus Palisander ziert ein Emblem aus Neusilber mit speziellem Jubiläumslogo. Limitiert auf 199 Exemplare pro Modell (jeweils in den USA und Europa).

    Klicken Sie auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht 

Name:	Böker Applegate 5.5 Century Edition.jpg 
Hits:	330 
Größe:	36,7 KB 
ID:	178070

    Böker Merlin Damast Meisterwerk - exklusives Sammlermesser zu 100% gefertigt aus geschmiedetem, rostfreiem Damast

    Erstmals fertigt Böker ein Taschenmesser komplett aus dem exklusiven Damast von Chad Nichols aus Mississippi. Nicht nur die Griffschalen und die Klinge werden aus Damast gefertigt, sondern auch das Distanzstück im Griffrücken sowie der Sicherungsschieber der Klingenarretierung. Entstanden ist ein echtes Meisterwerk nach dem Design des Solinger Messermachers Wilfried Gorski. Streng limitiert auf jeweils 199 Exemplare in Europa und den USA.

    Klicken Sie auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht 

Name:	Böker Merlin Damast.jpg 
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Größe:	112,9 KB 
ID:	178071

    Böker Plus Italy - neue Modelle, gefertigt in Italien.
    Unsere Erfolgsmarke Böker Plus wird kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt. Neben der bekannten Fertigung aus Asien bieten wir nun erstmalig vier neue, hochwertige Böker Plus Modelle an, die komplett in Italien gefertigt werden.

    Neue Marken - Ausbau des Sortiments durch sechs renommierte, internationale Messer-Marken:
    Maserin aus Italien, Karesuando aus Schweden, Timberline, Gatco und Outdoor Edge aus den USA sowie Dendra aus Russland.

    Böker Manufaktur
    Schützenstr. 30
    42659 Solingen