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  1. Presseinfo: Neues Messer von Spyderco


    Custom knifemaker Brad Southard specializes in high-performance folder designs. An industrial designer by trade, he completed his first handmade knife in 2008 and has since been rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most meticulous and innovative craftsmen in the custom knife world.

    Southard's first collaboration with Spyderco is based on one of his popular "flipper" designs. Pioneered by custom knifemaker Kit Carson, a flipper is a small integral tab extending from the tang of the blade on the cutting edge side. When the blade is closed, the flipper protrudes from the back of the knife's handle to offer a small lever. Pulling on this lever with your index finger creates a tension against the ball-bearing detent mechanism that holds the blade closed. When the detent is overcome, the blade pivots to snap into the open, locked position. Brad Southard's design is Spyderco's first folder with a flipper mechanism and it adds a new dimension to our broad range of innovative designs.

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    To open the Southard's blade using the flipper mechanism, grip the knife so the back of the handle is against your palm and the handle is held firmly between your fingers and thumb. Maintaining a firm grip, place your index finger on the flipper and pull it toward you. You will feel the tension of your finger's pull build against the resistance of the detent that keeps the blade closed. When the force of your pull overcomes the tension of the detent, the blade will rotate to the open position. With minimal practice, this can be accomplished swiftly and easily.

    The heart of the Southard Folder is its CTS 204P stainless steel blade. Hollow ground for superior edge geometry, it features a gradually curved edge and a slightly dropped point, making it ideal for a broad range of cutting applications. Its stonewashed finish matches the finish of the handle's titanium scale, offering a non-reflective appearance.

    The Southard's handle pairs a textured Earth-brown G-10 front scale and thick titanium liner on one side with a solid titanium scale on the back scale. The titanium scale forms the foundation of the knife's sturdy Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) mechanism and has a small inlaid G-10 panel that acts as an over-travel stop when releasing the lock mechanism. It is also home to the knife's matching stainless steel clip which carries right-side tip-up.

    To supply the smooth operation of the flipper mechanism, the Southard features a unique ball-bearing pivot system. Rather than conventional flat washers, the Southard's blade pivots between special washers that contain nested ball bearings. This advancement in construction reduces friction on the blade and renders a smooth action while maximizing the efficiency and ease-of-operation of the flipper mechanism. Offering an exceptional synthesis of ergonomics, ...

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    Neuigkeiten zu Messern und Lampen
  2. Presseinfo: Neue MSP Messer

    Neu Outdoor - MSP

    Technische Daten: Stahl CPM420V (S90V), aktuelle Griffoptionen G10 orange und schwarz,
    Wüsteneinsenholz, Olivenholz. Mit Riemenöse, Gesamtlänge 22,5 cm, Klingenlänge 11 cm,
    Klingenstärke 3,8 mm, Flachschliff, gescotchtes Finish. incl. Leder-Köcherscheide, ww. in schwarz, oder rotbraun erhältlich.

    Das Spezial Droppoint - MSP
    wurde vom Messermagazin zum Messer des Jahres 2013 in der Kategorie feststehende Messer gewählt.
    Nähres dazu erfahren Sie ab dem 20. Januar in der Ausgabe 01/2013 des Messermagazin.

    Linerlock MSP
    Ebenfalls in der Ausgabe 01/2013 des Messermagazin zu lesen dass das Linerlock im Vergleich mit den 15 anderen Messern sehr gut gemacht ist - daher hat es eine von insgesamt zwei Kaufempfehlungen bekommen!

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    Reinhard Müller
    Jagd- und Gebrauchsmesser
  3. Pressinfo: Victorinox - Designer sind gefragt

    Der Designwettbewerb von Victorinox ist eine Erfolgsgeschichte. Deshalb gibt es auch 2013 eine Wiederholung.


    Ibach, 10. Januar 2013 – Seit 1. Januar läuft der neue Designwettbewerb, den Victorinox
    wieder gemeinsam mit der kreativen Crowdsourcing-Plattform durchführt. Nach
    einem äußerst erfolgreichen ersten Durchgang in 2012, starten Victorinox und nun
    in die zweite Runde und rufen die Online-Community auf, kreative Designs für eine neue
    Limited Edition der Classic Serie von Victorinox zu entwerfen.

    Der riesige Erfolg im letzten Jahr begeisterte Victorinox und Jovoto gleichermaßen, so dass einer
    zweiten Runde nichts im Wege steht: Fast 1.000 Designvorschläge waren bis 1. März 2012 innerhalb
    von 35 Tagen auf der Kreativplattform eingereicht worden, die 10 Gewinner-Designs wurden via
    Facebook ermittelt, gingen in Serie und waren ab Sommer 2012 weltweit im Handel erhältlich. „Für
    uns die bisher erfolgreichste und bestverkaufte Limited Edition des kleinen Schweizer
    Taschenmessers. Und ich bin mir sicher, dass wir mit der diesjährigen Limited Edition an diesen
    Erfolg anknüpfen werden. Eine Woche nach der Online-Stellung sind bereits über 230 neue,
    ungemein kreative Design-Entwürfe eingereicht worden. Das macht uns sehr stolz und zeigt uns,
    dass wir auf dem richtigen Weg sind“, so Andreas Michaelis, Victorinox Global Head of Marketing
    SAK and Cutlery.

    Bis zum 6. Februar 2013 kann die professionelle Community aus Spezialisten und Querdenkern
    sowie ambitionierte Victorinox-Fans aus der ganzen Welt noch Design-Vorschläge für die Classic
    Limited Edition 2013 auf einreichen.
    Victorinox-Mitarbeiter wählen die besten 30 Designs aus, die im Anschluss auf der Facebook-Seite
    von Victorinox der Fan-Community zur Abstimmung bereitgestellt werden. Die 10 Gewinner-Entwürfe
    werden in Serie gehen und ab Sommer 2013 erneut im weltweiten Handel erhältlich sein.

    Weiterführende Links

    Für weitere Informationen

    Cornelius Meyer
    Brand Communications Manager Germany & Austria

    Donkey Public Relations GmbH
    Nadine Belz
    P +49 30 232 57 94-12

    Jovoto GmbH
    Conradin Mach-Sonnenberg
    Director Creative Strategy
  4. Presseinfo: Neue Messer von Outdoor Edge

    We are introducing several exciting new products for 2013 including the Razor-Lite and Wild-Pak. Attached is information on these items.

    Razor Lite/Razor Blaze – Replaceable Razor Blade System

    Sharpen the blade or simply push the lock button to remove and insert a shaving-sharp new one. Each knife comes complete with 6 replacement blades and nylon sheath. Additional sets of 6-blades are sold separate. US and foreign patents are pending.


    Light-weight, 8-piece field-to-freezer game processing set with all the tools to get the job done. Non-slip rubberized blaze-orange handles never get lost and feature a horn pattern inlay for enhanced grip.

    Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.
    9500 W. 49th Avenue # A-100
    Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033
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  5. Presseinfo: Spyderco FB3 ENUFF FAMILY

    All three Enuff knives feature skeletonized full-tang construction for strength and light weight. The blades are ground from VG-10 stainless steel, a workhorse material that offers a superior balance of cutting performance, corrosion resistance, edge retention, and ease of sharpening. The clip point and leaf-shaped blades are both plain edged and full-flat ground to yield exceptional edge geometry for precision cutting chores and point utility.

    All three Enuff blades have a thoughtfully placed section of jimping (grooved texture) on the spine for enhanced control during use. They also feature identical scales injection molded from durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon. The scales are contoured to provide a hand-filling grip and boast Spyderco’s signature Bi-Directional Texturing™ pattern—a series of opposing angled steps radiating out from the center of the handle to ensure superior traction and a non-slip grip.

    The handle shape brackets the hand comfortably, providing both a functional guard to prevent it from moving forward and a gently hooked butt for control during pull cuts and ease of drawing from the sheath. A generously sized lanyard hole also allows the attachment of a fob or lanyard for additional security.

    All three Enuff knives use the same sheath design. Injection molded from polymer, it features two “ears” at the mouth that snap around the leading edge of the handle scales to hold the knife securely in place when sheathed. A thumb “push-off” on one side of the mouth supports an easy draw with simple thumb pressure, while the universal design of the sheath cavity allows all three knives to be inserted with the edge facing in either direction. All Enuff sheaths come complete with Spyderco’s versatile G-Clip attachment, which supports both belt carry and clip-style inside-the-waistband carry. The G-Clip is configurable for vertical, horizontal, or diagonally canted carry and can be attached to both sides and both faces of the symmetrical sheath. The sheath also includes multiple mounting holes to allow both high and low-ride attachment of the G-Clip.

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