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  1. Presseinfo Extrema Ratio - T4000 C

    Extrema Ratio is proud to introduce the new T4000 C.

    The T4000 C continues the purest Extrema Ratio tanto collection, for those who love Japanise profile blades but do not want to waive the typical tactical accessories like handle and sheath.


    Weight g.: 196,0
    Weight oz.: 6,9
    Blade Length (mm): 104
    Blade Length (in): 4,1
    Total Length (mm): 208
    Total Length (in): 8,2
    Blade Thickness (mm): 4,0
    Blade Thickness (in): 0,16
    Blade Material: BöHLER N690 STEEL (58HRC)
    Blade Finishing: MIL-C-13924 BURNISHING
    Main Grid: FLAT
    Handle Material: FORPRENE

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  2. Presseinfo LionSteel - T.R.E. Three Rapid Excange OVERALL Knife of the Year 2015

    LionSteel has won another important award during the Blade Sow 2015 in Atlanta, USA:

    OVERALL Knife of the Year 2015

    T.R.E. Three Rapid Excange LionSteel

    Folding knife with Titanium Fame Locksystem. This knife is equipped with a LionSteel patented system that allows the user to carry the knife with or without the Flipper feature choosing thus to screw or remove it from the blade. The knife has a fully machined Titanium frame, pocket clip and spacer.

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    The handle has two different versions: titanium or Carbon Fiber. It is provided with the IKBS ball-bearing pivot system to improve the knife opening and closing and give the T.R.E. knife an ultra-fast opening action.
    The user may choose three ways to equip his knife: a simple basic version without Flipper and pin on the blade, a Thumb Stud version with the pin on the blade or adding the flipper for a quick opening action.

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    The knife comes with an elegant and attractive wood box equipped with a key chain with both Torx T6 and Torx T8 bits for the positioning or the removal of the Flipper, the Thumb Stud and the clip
    Designed by MOLLETTA.

    • Blade: M390 Bohler 60-61 HRC
    • Blade length: 74 mm – 2.91”
    • Blade thickness: 3.5 mm - 0.1378”
    • Overall length: 175 mm – 6.89”
    • Frame: Titanium 6AI4V
    • Handle: Titanium or Carbon Fiber or Black G10
    • Spacer: Titanium 6AI4V
    • Clip: SOLID Titanium 6AI4V
    • IKBS ball bearing
    • Stainless steel lock-bar tip
    • Weight: Carbon Fiber 62 gr, Titanium 74 gr
    • Packaging; Wood box with Key Ring Torx T8 and T6
    • T.R.E: Three Rapid Exchange LionSTEEL Patent pending
    • Retail price: 280,00 Euro
    • Available: June 2015

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    LionSTEEL Knives
    Via dei Fabbri 32
    33085 MANIAGO -PN- ITALY

    tel: +39-0427-71984 - fax: +39-0427-709032 -


    Aktualisiert: 28.06.15 um 11:46 von pitter

    Neuigkeiten zu Messern und Lampen
  3. Presseinfo Spyderco - New Folder Models

    C193TIP Squarehead Folder

    Being “different” has never bothered Spyderco. In fact, it’s one of the defining qualities of our approach to making knives—particularly knives like the newly released Squarehead™ folder.

    The Squarehead is the brainchild of Darriel Caston, a full-time electrical and electronic engineer who has been designing and making custom knives part time since 1992. Long before that, he developed a deep fascination with pens, small folding knives, gadgets, and all things mechanical. That obsession—along with his skills in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), 3D software, and CNC programming and machining—have had a strong influence on his knife designs and enable him to translate the unique concepts in his head into sharp steel.

    The heart of the Squarehead is its unusual square-shaped sheepfoot blade, which is machined from CPM® S30V® powder metallurgy stainless steel. Its single-sided, flat chisel grind offers an excellent balance of edge geometry and strength and allows the PlainEdge™ cutting edge to nest safely against the handle scale when the knife is closed. Spyderco’s Trademark Round Hole™ in the blade proudly identifies the knife’s brand identity and allows easy one- or two-handed opening.

    Equally unique is the Squarehead’s single-sided handle. Machined from a solid piece of titanium, its one-piece construction includes an integral back strap that also serves as a blade stop and a guard for the blade’s edge when the knife is closed. To lock the blade in the open position, the handle also includes a precisely machined integral LinerLock-style mechanism with a ball bearing detent.

    Incredibly small and lightweight, the Squarehead is one of the few Spyderco knives that does not include a clip. Instead, it features a wide slot in the butt end of the handle that allows easy attachment of a chain, fob, or lanyard. Assembled with screw-together construction to ensure the precise alignment of all parts, the blade, handle, and other key components of the Squarehead feature an attractive matte stonewash finish.

    A worthy “poster child” for being different, the Squarehead offers impressive cutting performance in a unique, pocket-friendly package.

    • MSRP: $129.95
    • OVERALL: 3.30in 84mm
    • BLADE: 1.30in 33mm
    • EDGE: 1.25in 32mm
    • WEIGHT: 1.1oz 31g
    • GRIND: Flat-Chisel
    • ORIGIN: Taiwan

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    2015 Blade Show Update

    The soon-to-be-released, Cara Cara 2 Titanium folder (BY03TIP2) was awarded Best Buy of the Year®.
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    And the Nirvana (C199TIP), a collaboration model with Peter Rassenti, was awarded Imported Knife of the Year®.
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    Visit The Blade Show online for more information.

    Spyderco, Inc.
    820 Spyderco Way
    Golden, CO 80403
  4. - 2015er Produkte

    Erstmal ein herzliches "Hallo" ins Forum!

    Wir betreiben seit Anfang März einen reinen und offiziellen Online-Shop mit ColdSteel Produkten.
    Zur Zeit warten wir wie viele Andere auch auf die neuen und überarbeiteten 2015er Versionen.
    Überarbeitete Design und neue, bessere Stähle lassen die Erwartungen steigen.
    Wir haben bereits über 20 der neuen Produkte sofort lieferbar und ein großer Teil wird in ca. 1 Woche geliefert.

    Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Ihr mal bei uns reinschaut. Alle Messer/Produkte, die aktuell noch nicht auf Lager sind, können bei uns vorgemerkt werden.
    Damit bekommt Ihr sofort eine Nachricht per Email, wenn das Produkt lieferbar ist.

    Viele Grüße,

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  5. the-endless-search-for-the-perfect-knife (spelling updated)​ "Endless" Knife � Rolf Hatterscheid

    As a small boy back in the Bronx, I was always interested in finding something of "lasting" value. Steel bolts, hammers and sturdy things interested me. Anything that seemed well made, solid, enduring and indestructable. Well, as Cub Scout time came, I also discovered knives. On my birthday, I received a very nice hunting knife from a German relative in the "old country". Wow, was I impressed. It had a bolted on real stag handle with threaded aluminum pommel and brass guard, with a leather metal capped sheath,seemingly a standard for young boys back then. Although my Dad showed me how to keep it reasonably sharp, I soon learned that knives start to lose their beauty when neglected, which led to my first attempts to remove the light rust stains which came about from storing the knife in it's sheath without cleaning it properly first - no stainless (thank God). Stainless was not popular for serious knives back then anyway. Sandpaper did the job, albeit taking a lot of the finish off the blade but without removing any of the joy of ownership. The handle did loosen up a bit but that was no real problem - just tightened the pommel bolt.

    Although I always seemed to have a reasonable knife available in the next years, I sort of lost sight of many of my earlier boyhood outdoor activities, being in the middle of New York City and all as well as being concerned with getting an education and, long range, good job. When I finally graduated from college and was getting regular paychecks, one of the very first acquisitions I made was a serious folding knife, viz. a Gerber folding hunter with contoured walnut handle and leather belt sheath. I carried that knife just about everywhere, despite it's large size. Being stainless and having learned a few things about knife care, this knife did not have to endure any real abuse and I have it still.

    Fast forward to the present finds me with a collection of knives of all kinds, each bought according to the principle: If it appeals to me I'll have it (within the restrictions of my often very limited budget).

    Also, I seem to be searching for that "everlasting" knife, one with qualities that make it:

    *Rustfree or non-corrodible

    *Unbreakable - not that I abuse my knives, just like the thought

    *Super sharp - holding the sharpness as long as possible

    *Good looking

    Sounds like I was looking for Arthur's sword doesn't it? As usual in life, all things are a compromise and I soon found that all these qualities can hardly be found in a single item, let alone always be desirable.

    Up to now, with respect to the blades themselves, ...
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