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  1. Presseinfo Extrema Ratio: HERE COMES KATO SERIES!

    After the PSYCHO series, Extrema Ratio is now announcing the availability of KATO series.

    Besides the three chef's knives, the vegetable knives, KATO 15 and KATO 20 are now available.

    They come both in SATIN version, with satin blade, black handle and leather sheath, and in DESERT CAMO version,with desert camo blade, desert handle and cordura sheath.

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    Extrema Ratio S.a.s.
    Via Tourcoing, 40/P - 59100 PRATO
    Tel. +39 (0)574 584639 -
  2. Presseinfo: OPINEL Wettbewerb zum 125. Geburtstag von OPINEL

    OPINEL veranstaltet zum 125. Geburtstag einen Wettbwerb.

    Vorschläge zum Opinel Jubiläumsmesser können bis zum 30. Mai 2015 eingereicht werden.

    Hier gehts zum Wettbewerb:

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    Spyderco has one employee we term our “far-away guy.” Spyderco employs a full-time man on the ground who nurtures and grows our European presence. Meet Jurphaas van Rietschoten. Jur joined Spyderco part time twenty-two years ago and is based in Leiden, the Netherlands. After retiring from his career in the Dutch Air Force he began representing Spyderco full-time by traveling through Europe and meeting with dealers, distributors and end line users. He is our European steward and exhibits at a number of trade and consumer shows in the marine, outdoor sports, hunting and knife markets.

    While spending time with Jur during the recent Amsterdam Meet and IWA trade show, we asked him a few questions about his perspective on Spydero and our place in the European knife community. We thought you might enjoy his insights as much as we did.

    1. What is Spyderco’s position in the European knife market?

    “Spyderco is known all over Europe with an excellent reputation and is highly respected among European collectors, hunters, fishermen, professional users, Save & Serve personnel, security specialists and martial blade artists. Spyderco holds a strong position in the EU market as a premium brand, offering modern, high-tech, reliable, and extremely functional cutting tools.”

    2. Where do you see Spyderco in Europe 10 years from now?

    “I see Spyderco making maximum use of our newly built production facility being constructed now in Golden. I tend to believe that production of our moderately priced value folders and the byrd series will continue to grow. The current research & development team consisting of Sal and Eric Glesser will change at some point in time when Sal retires. I see Eric continuing R&D and keeping Spyderco a leader in the export industry. The byrd line will continue to grow. Sal and Eric showed some of the latest re-designed byrd models, a new Raven in G10, and the Meadowlark 2 and the Cara Cara 2 in titanium at the Amsterdam Meet and at the IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany.”

    3. What are the advantages of having an employee on the ground in Europe?

    “Operating as Spyderco’s European representative takes me on the road constantly but keep in mind that Europe today consists of 51 independent countries, of which, 28 are members of the European Union. I travel and organize trade and consumer shows in Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France. I meet with our import dealers and distributors and assist store keepers, sales staff and end-line consumers. Spyderco makes high quality products with many very technical aspects to them; ergonomics, blade steel, handle materials, special production methods, and hidden technical or ergonomic design features. These features need to be pointed out and explained to our sales partners in order to enable them to offer adequate advice and support to their customers and the end- ...
  4. Presseinfo: Spyderco Reverse FB34GP

    The Reverse™ is an exciting new fixed-blade knife that represents a literal meeting of the minds of two renowned personal-defense instructors who are also veteran Spyderco collaborators. Craig Douglas, aka “Southnarc,” is a veteran law enforcement officer, an expert martial artist and a highly respected close-combat instructor. Best known to Spyderco enthusiasts as the designer of the popular P’Kal folding knife, he is also a leading proponent of “reverse-edge” knife tactics in which the knife is held so the cutting edge faces back toward the user. This style of grip allows the body’s major muscle groups to power the edge and generates devastating cutting power.

    Michael Janich is a noted author and instructor and a leading authority on all aspects of personal defense. He is an advocate of “edge-out” knife skills in which the edge faces away from the user. Janich’s system of Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) focuses on using the knife to cut key anatomical targets to immediately disable an attacker.

    Several years ago, Douglas and Janich were both featured instructors at the NE Shooters Training Summit in New Hampshire. After several students suggested that their different approaches to knife tactics made them rivals in the tactical community, the two instructors (who are actually good friends) decided to prove them wrong. They brainstormed to co-design a knife that would work equally well edge in or edge out and ideally allow students to understand and appreciate the logic of both approaches.

    After agreeing that the basic form of the knife would be a fixed-blade version of Douglas’ P’Kal folder, the two defined the other design features of the knife and sheath that they both felt were critical. Janich then translated these into a drawing and ultimately a handmade nylon concept model, complete with molded Kydex® sheath. After a few additional refinements, they presented the idea to Spyderco and the rest, as they say, is history.

    The defining characteristic of the Reverse—and the inspiration for its name—is its unique reversible handle. It consists of two textured black G-10 scales that are carefully machined to create a hollow cavity for the blade tang. The scales are secured to the concealed tang, which extends two-thirds the length of the handle, by three sets of bolts. By removing the bolts with the Torx® T-8 wrench included with every knife, the scales can be easily removed and mounted to the tang with the blade’s edge facing either direction. Whether you prefer edge-out or reverse-edge tactics—or you just want to experiment with either one—the Reverse allows you to quickly and easily configure your knife accordingly while maintaining the same highly evolved handle ergonomics.

    The Reverse’s blade is precision machined from CTS® BD1 stainless steel—an affordable, highly corrosion-resistant steel that takes and holds an exceptionally keen edge. Its slightly concave edge profile ...


    Available in SATIN version or in DESERT CAMO version and in three different blade sizes: 15, 19 and 24 centimetres.

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    Just for fun, we tried and applied exacting military standards to the making of a line of professional kitchen knives.

    Blades are made from tried-and-tested Böhler N690 steel – enriched with chromium, vanadium, molybdenum and cobalt, tempered to a hardness of HRC 58. The Forprene handles can be fully detached from the blades, enabling thorough cleaning and maintenance. Forprene is an elastomer compliant with NATO standards for weathering extreme conditions.

    Each knife comes with its own sheath, also fashioned after military criteria. Sheats are not designed for food preparation hygiene, but rather for maximum safety in carrying an extremely sharp blade, while shielding it from impacts and preserving its sharpness. Therefore, we recommend only sheathing these kitchen knives for transportation and long-term storage.

    Extrema Ratio S.a.s.
    Via Tourcoing, 40/P - 59100 PRATO
    Tel. +39 (0)574 584639 -
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