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  3. Extrema Ratio - T-Razor

    Extrema Ratio - T-Razor

    Extrema Ratio introduces the new High Speed Razor Opening system. Extrema Ratio confirms its inexorable tendency to innovation and to the strong characterization of its products.

    THE T-RAZOR model is the forefather of a new family of folding knives with a new High Speed Razor Opening System.

    Thanks to this very practical opening method the knife can be used with the same effectiveness as a pin system but with a completely clean ...
  4. Lionsteel Knives - M1

    Lionsteel M1

    The M1 is a small-sizee knife, featuring a lanyard with a small titanium pearl. Such feature facilitates the extraction of the knife from the sheath. The titanium pearl is fixed to the lanyard using a screw.

    Technical specifications

    Overall length: 170 mm. - 6.69 in.
    Blade length: 74 mm. - 2.91 in.
    Blade thickness: 3.2 mm. - 0.13 in.
    Net weight: 75 gr. - 2.65 oz.
    Blade steel: M390 Satin
    Packaging: Cardboard box ...
  5. FOX Knives Military Devision - FX-532 Irves Design by Andreas Weitzel

    FX-532 IRVES Design by Andreas Weitzel


    Bladelength: 8,5cm / 3.35"
    Close: 13cm / 5.12"
    Overalllength: 21,5cm / 8.5"
    Thickness: 3mm / 0.12"
    Weight: 250g / 8.82oz
    Blade: Stainless Steel N690Co
    Handle: G10 Black
    Hardness: HRC58/60
    Clip: Reversible

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  6. Spyderco - The Q Ball

    Good knife designers always seem to cultivate a distinctive “look” that makes their knives immediately recognizable and unmistakably theirs. The best designers go a step further by combining those signature aesthetics with tangible performance benefits that achieve a superior synthesis of form and function.

    From his earliest designs, Spyderco’s Eric Glesser has shown a talent for that “higher level” of functional aesthetics. His unorthodox Dodo™ and Scorpius™ designs quickly went from ...
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