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  1. Presseinfo: Spyderco Serrata - cast 440C steel

    Spyderco Serrata ~ FB32G

    The Serrata was designed by custom knifemaker Stuart Ackerman. Currently living in New Zealand, Ackerman is a native of South Africa and a veteran of combat service in Namibia and Angola. During his time as an infantry soldier, he learned a lot about what a survival knife really needs to do. That experience, along with his natural fascination with knives, both inspired and guided his efforts as a knifemaker and designer.

    Ackerman designed the Serrata as the consummate utility cutting tool. It combines the familiar look and versatility of a kitchen knife with an ergonomic handle that offers hands of all sizes comfort and control no matter how it is gripped. The blade’s full-flat grind and distal taper allow it to have a thick spine for strength, yet still provide low-friction cutting performance and excellent point utility. In Ackerman’s words, “Hold a Serrata edge up, edge down, reverse grip, you name it, and it feels like it belongs.”

    The Serrata is unique because its blade is made of cast 440C steel. This process involves making a wax model of the blade and then encasing the wax in a mold. When the mold is heated, the wax melts and leaves a cavity in the mold shaped exactly like the wax blade. Molten steel is then poured into the mold to create a pre-shaped blade, which is then heat treated, ground, and polished.

    Unlike traditional rolled steel, cast steel creates a dendritic (“fern-like”) crystalline structure. Pioneered by knifemaker David Boye in 1981, this process infuses microscopic crystals into the steel that create microserrations along the edge. These microserrations increase the blade’s “bite” into the material being cut and enable it to retain its sharpness significantly longer than traditional steels. The crystal structure of dendritic steel gives its surface a distinctive look that sometimes includes minor pits created during the casting process. It also makes it somewhat more susceptible to minor surface scratches. These characteristics are completely normal and are part of the character of this G-10.

    The Serrata features a plain-edged, full-flat-ground blade and full-tang construction. Its black G-10 handle scales are secured by stainless steel cutler’s bolts and meticulously contoured to provide a hand-filling grip devoid of hot spots. The heel of the edge (the area closest to the handle) is also purposely blunted to provide an extra measure of safety during use.

    To protect the blade when not in use and allow convenient carry of the Serrata, it comes with a custom-molded Boltaron® sheath. The mouth of the sheath provides a snap fit around the forward portion of the knife’s handle to retain it securely during vigorous activity. A G-Clip allows the sheath to be carried on the belt or clipped to clothing in a variety of different positions. The symmetrical design of the sheath also allows the G-Clip to be attached to either ...
  2. Presseinfo Spyderco C188ALTIP DOG TAG

    Serge Panchenko - Spyderco Dog Tag Folder

    Serge Panchenko was born in the Ukraine and immigrated to the United States with his family when he was eight years old. A natural tinkerer with a passion for working with his hands, he began making knives in 2007 shortly after attending his first knife show.

    Panchenko makes all types and styles of custom knives and strives to make each one a perfect balance of artistic expression and practical function. In addition to hand-crafted, one-at-a-time custom knives, he also makes handmade lanterns, beads, and other items, as well as “mid-tech” knife designs that combine partially finished, custom-machined parts with his hand-finished attention to detail. One of his most popular mid-tech designs is the Dog Tag folder—a small but amazingly capable folding knife that is the shape of a military dog tag when closed. Since Spyderco specializes in uniquely functional compact cutting tools, the Dog Tag Folder was a natural choice for a collaborative effort with Panchenko.

    The Dog Tag Folder is a unique departure from Spyderco’s typical folding knife construction methods. Its single-sided handle is fabricated from solid titanium and accurately replicates the size and shape of a military dog tag. The center of the handle scale is machined to create an integral spring bar that houses a steel ball bearing for the blade’s detent mechanism. At the top of the handle is a titanium back strap that defines the blade’s limits of travel in both the open and closed positions and provides protection from the edge when the knife is closed.

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Name:	C188ALTI_L.jpg 
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ID:	178319

    • length overall 3.23" (82 mm)
    • length closed 2" (51 mm)
    • blade length 1.23" (31 mm)
    • cutting edge 1.14" (29 mm)
    • blade thickness 0.118" (3.0 mm)
    • blade steel CPM S30V
    • weight 0.9 oz (26 g)
    • handle material Titanium

    The “business end” of the Dog Tag is a sheepfoot-style blade made from premium CPM® S30V® particle metallurgy stainless steel. To protect the edge when closed, the blade is chisel ground with a single flat bevel on the front side—an unusual feature for a Spyderco knife. Our Trademark Round Hole™ in the blade allows easy opening, and a subtle swedge (unsharpened bevel) and a decorative fuller (groove) near the spine add a touch of style. The blade’s pivot is also accentuated by a round titanium disk that provides stability and structural strength as well as an aesthetic touch.

    A non-locking folder, the Dog Tag’s blade is held in place in the open position by a detent mechanism. A ball bearing in the handle scale’s integral spring arm indexes holes in the tang of the blade to hold it both closed and open. Since the blade does not lock, care should be taken during use to apply cutting pressure only in a direction that maintains the knife’s open position.

    Released in 2014, the Dog Tag is available ...
  3. Presseinfo - Buck New Products at 2015 Shot Show


    Signature Hunting Series and Automatic part of Buck’s vast array of new products

    Buck is renowned for creating innovative products that aid in the creation and preservation of family traditions and memories. This year, Buck is unveiling an entirely new line of signature hunting knives as well as many additions to the survival, tactical, recreational, everyday and, of course, hunting categories. Check out the newly released products at this year’s 2015 SHOT Show, booth 14504.

    Large and small game field needs are covered with the new Open Season Series, consisting of a folder, skinner, boning, caping, and small game knife. Each knife design is offered in S30V or 420HC blade steel, as well as Rosewood handle with a metal inlay or Thermoplastic handle materials. The Open Season series is an ideal hunting set to meet the needs during the season. Each knife sold separately. MSRP: $82-$140. Made in the USA

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Name:	536BKS  Open Season Skinner.jpg 
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Name:	541RWS Open Season Boning.jpg 
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Name:	542BKS Open Season Caper.jpg 
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Name:	547RWS Open Season Folder.jpg 
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ID:	185222

    Another new entry for hunters is the 135 PakLite® Elite, which includes a lightweight caper and boning knife constructed of S30V steel in a convenient compact sheath. The boning knife’s durable, narrow blade is perfect for maintaining control in tasks such as deboning and skinning while the caper’s modified blade allows for precise, detailed work, with ultimate control. The minimalist design makes the entire set lightweight and easy to carry. MSRP: $115. Made in the USA

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Name:	135 Paklite Caper.jpg 
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ID:	185223

    For those looking to maintain peak bow performance, Buck’s 737 Bow Tool was designed as a multipurpose tool for the archer and is packed with all the right elements for the field. Complete with ten separate allen hex drivers, a Phillips screwdriver, a set of scissors, and a 2" blade, this product is perfect for adjusting draw weight, tightening stabilizers, adding accessories, and other preventative maintenance. The convenient, compact size allows for easy carry in your bow case or pack. MSRP: $38. Imported

    Assisted Opening Knives
    Additions to the everyday lineup include the new 294 Momentum and 293 Inertia; both designed for rapid one-hand deployment and with a liner lock design for safety. The anodized 6061 T6 aluminum handle includes added grip features with a removable stainless steel clip for discreet deep pocket carry. MSRP: $90-$120. Made in the USA

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Name:	294 Momentum.jpg 
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ID:	185224

    Choice of New Tactical and Survival Knives
    Many additions have been added to the tactical line of knives, including Buck’s first automatic. The 898 Impact springs open with the slide of a button, readying the S30V steel blade for quick action. The button lock style keeps the knife locked open and closed to prevent accidental deployment. ...
    Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Klicken Sie auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht 

Name:	539RWS Open Season Bird.jpg 
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Name:	540BKS Open Season Boning.jpg 
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Name:	543RWS Open Season Caper.jpg 
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Name:	546BKS Open Season Folder.jpg 
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ID:	185219  
  4. Presseinfo LionSteel - T.R.E. Three Rapid Excange OVERALL Knife of the Year 2015

    LionSteel has won another important award during the Blade Sow 2015 in Atlanta, USA:

    OVERALL Knife of the Year 2015

    T.R.E. Three Rapid Excange LionSteel

    Folding knife with Titanium Fame Locksystem. This knife is equipped with a LionSteel patented system that allows the user to carry the knife with or without the Flipper feature choosing thus to screw or remove it from the blade. The knife has a fully machined Titanium frame, pocket clip and spacer.

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Name:	002.jpg 
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ID:	193651
    The handle has two different versions: titanium or Carbon Fiber. It is provided with the IKBS ball-bearing pivot system to improve the knife opening and closing and give the T.R.E. knife an ultra-fast opening action.
    The user may choose three ways to equip his knife: a simple basic version without Flipper and pin on the blade, a Thumb Stud version with the pin on the blade or adding the flipper for a quick opening action.

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Name:	003.jpg 
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Name:	004.jpg 
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ID:	193653

    The knife comes with an elegant and attractive wood box equipped with a key chain with both Torx T6 and Torx T8 bits for the positioning or the removal of the Flipper, the Thumb Stud and the clip
    Designed by MOLLETTA.

    • Blade: M390 Bohler 60-61 HRC
    • Blade length: 74 mm – 2.91”
    • Blade thickness: 3.5 mm - 0.1378”
    • Overall length: 175 mm – 6.89”
    • Frame: Titanium 6AI4V
    • Handle: Titanium or Carbon Fiber or Black G10
    • Spacer: Titanium 6AI4V
    • Clip: SOLID Titanium 6AI4V
    • IKBS ball bearing
    • Stainless steel lock-bar tip
    • Weight: Carbon Fiber 62 gr, Titanium 74 gr
    • Packaging; Wood box with Key Ring Torx T8 and T6
    • T.R.E: Three Rapid Exchange LionSTEEL Patent pending
    • Retail price: 280,00 Euro
    • Available: June 2015

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Name:	005.jpg 
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Name:	006.jpg 
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    LionSTEEL Knives
    Via dei Fabbri 32
    33085 MANIAGO -PN- ITALY

    tel: +39-0427-71984 - fax: +39-0427-709032 -


    Aktualisiert: 28.06.15 um 11:46 von pitter

    Neuigkeiten zu Messern und Lampen
  5. Spyderco - Karahawk™ CQI - Constant Quality Improvement

    Spyderco - Karahawk™ CQI - Constant Quality Improvement

    The Karahawk—Spyderco’s folding interpretation of the traditional karambit—just got better. This iconic knife features a ring at the butt end of the handle that allows it to be spun around the index finger with specific martial arts techniques.

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Name:	001.jpg 
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ID:	205296

    To make these specialized tactics even more effective, the Karahawk now features a reinforced ring. A layer of G-10 has been added between the handle’s stainless steel liners to strengthen the structure and provide increased surface area. The internal corners of the ring’s hole have also been radiused to eliminate square edges and ensure smooth, comfortable manipulation.

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Name:	jpeg.jpg 
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ID:	205297

    The improved version of the Karahawk is shipping now, and we are confident that karambit fans will appreciate the subtle refinements we’ve made to this popular design.

    Spyderco, Inc.
    820 Spyderco Way
    Golden, CO
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