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  1. Presseinfo: Cherusker Messer ist wieder da!

    Manche mögen die von den Dächern flüsternden Spatzen bemerkt haben, die es bereits verkündeten:

    Cherusker Messer ist wieder da!

    Nach ein paar Jahren Pause und Vollbeschäftigung mit anderen Projekten ist Cherusker Messer jetzt noch stärker. Die Verstärkung findet sich im neuen Partner und Geschäftsführer Gunther Biernat, der selbst Messermacher und Outdoor-Enthusiast ist und daneben viele Jahre Erfahrung als Geschäftsführer eines amerikanischen Unternehmens mitbringt.

    Unserem Motto „First Class Knife Designs“ sind wir natürlich treu geblieben.

    Neu dagegen ist unsere Produktion in Deutschland. Diese MIG (made in Germany) Messer werden auf modernsten Maschinen mit besten Materialien von erfahrener Meisterhand gefertigt.

    Zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt ist auch die Neuaufnahme einer Produktion in Fernost anvisiert.

    Die Website ist noch im Aufbau und wird in den nächsten Tagen Stück für Stück freigeschaltet. Aber schaut ruhig schon vorbei und speichert sie als Lesezeichen ab.

    Am einfachsten bleiben anspruchsvolle Messerliebhaber am Ball, indem man unser Facebookseite liked UND unseren Newsletter abonniert.

    Also, seid gespannt auf die bald hier vorgestellten neuen Messer.

    Wir sind es schon!

    Euer / Ihr Team Cherusker
    Dirk Linnemeyer
    Gunther Biernat

    Survive. Succeed. Prevail.
  2. Presseinfo - Buck New Products at 2015 Shot Show


    Signature Hunting Series and Automatic part of Buck’s vast array of new products

    Buck is renowned for creating innovative products that aid in the creation and preservation of family traditions and memories. This year, Buck is unveiling an entirely new line of signature hunting knives as well as many additions to the survival, tactical, recreational, everyday and, of course, hunting categories. Check out the newly released products at this year’s 2015 SHOT Show, booth 14504.

    Large and small game field needs are covered with the new Open Season Series, consisting of a folder, skinner, boning, caping, and small game knife. Each knife design is offered in S30V or 420HC blade steel, as well as Rosewood handle with a metal inlay or Thermoplastic handle materials. The Open Season series is an ideal hunting set to meet the needs during the season. Each knife sold separately. MSRP: $82-$140. Made in the USA

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Name:	536BKS  Open Season Skinner.jpg 
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Name:	541RWS Open Season Boning.jpg 
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Name:	542BKS Open Season Caper.jpg 
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Name:	547RWS Open Season Folder.jpg 
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ID:	185222

    Another new entry for hunters is the 135 PakLite® Elite, which includes a lightweight caper and boning knife constructed of S30V steel in a convenient compact sheath. The boning knife’s durable, narrow blade is perfect for maintaining control in tasks such as deboning and skinning while the caper’s modified blade allows for precise, detailed work, with ultimate control. The minimalist design makes the entire set lightweight and easy to carry. MSRP: $115. Made in the USA

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Name:	135 Paklite Caper.jpg 
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ID:	185223

    For those looking to maintain peak bow performance, Buck’s 737 Bow Tool was designed as a multipurpose tool for the archer and is packed with all the right elements for the field. Complete with ten separate allen hex drivers, a Phillips screwdriver, a set of scissors, and a 2" blade, this product is perfect for adjusting draw weight, tightening stabilizers, adding accessories, and other preventative maintenance. The convenient, compact size allows for easy carry in your bow case or pack. MSRP: $38. Imported

    Assisted Opening Knives
    Additions to the everyday lineup include the new 294 Momentum and 293 Inertia; both designed for rapid one-hand deployment and with a liner lock design for safety. The anodized 6061 T6 aluminum handle includes added grip features with a removable stainless steel clip for discreet deep pocket carry. MSRP: $90-$120. Made in the USA

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Name:	294 Momentum.jpg 
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ID:	185224

    Choice of New Tactical and Survival Knives
    Many additions have been added to the tactical line of knives, including Buck’s first automatic. The 898 Impact springs open with the slide of a button, readying the S30V steel blade for quick action. The button lock style keeps the knife locked open and closed to prevent accidental deployment. ...
    Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Klicken Sie auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht 

Name:	539RWS Open Season Bird.jpg 
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Name:	540BKS Open Season Boning.jpg 
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Name:	543RWS Open Season Caper.jpg 
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Name:	546BKS Open Season Folder.jpg 
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ID:	185219  
  3. Presseinfo - Buck Navy Seal Knife


    Designed by a SEAL for SEALS, the 245 Matt Would Go knife is a nearly indestructible tool, built for the roughest of circumstances.

    Special Warfare Operator First Class (SEAL) Matthew J. Leathers was a highly decorated combat veteran with numerous awards, including the Bronze Star, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal and Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal. In 2013 Leathers was lost at sea during open ocean training exercises. During his nine years with the U.S Navy SEALS, Leathers designed a knife that held up to his high standards and caught the eye of his fellow SEALS.

    Buck Knives has entered into agreement with Tim Leathers, father of fallen Navy SEAL Matthew Leathers, to continue making a knife that was originally designed by Leathers himself. Buck is honored to make this knife and help bring this symbol of strength and courage to the market. A percentage of net sales benefit Tim Leathers’ company, the MattWouldGo™ LLC, which in turn donates to the Navy SEAL Foundation. MattWouldGo™ LLC is Tim’s tribute to the dauntless courage of his son and his fellow SEALS around the globe.

    The naming of the knife “Matt Would Go” comes from Leathers’ courage and unflinching devotion to duty. When the chips were down, the team could always count on Leathers. No matter how perilous the job or daunting the challenge, Leathers would be the first to step up. When he was lost at sea, the phrase, “Matt Would Go,” was coined by the leadership of Seal Delivery Vehicle Team One in recognition of his courage and selflessness. The knife model number 245 is a tribute to Leathers’ SEAL team class, as he graduated with Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training Class 245.

    Originally made using steel from a coil spring scrounged out of a scrapped Humvee and ingeniously tempered using an old mailbox, the 245 Matt Would Go is now constructed of 5160 steel and custom multi-color Micarta handles. The 245 Matt Would Go comes with a textured Kydex sheath with TEK-LOK belt clip. Proudly Made in the USA. MSRP: $245.

    For more information on the Navy SEAL Foundation visit

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Name:	245 MWG.jpg 
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ID:	185112
  4. Presseinfo: Spyderco Rubicon ~ C187CF

    Spyderco Rubicon ~ C187CF

    The Rubicon™ faithfully captures all the qualities of Peter Carey’s meticulously crafted custom folders in one of the most refined production knives ever made. Its blade is precision machined from premium CPM® S30V® powdered metallurgy stainless steel and features an integral flipper. This feature—pioneered by the late Kit Carson—generates leverage to open the blade when powered by pressure from the user’s index finger. It works in concert with special ball-bearing washers around the pivot to provide swift, remarkably smooth opening of the blade. Once open, the blade’s deeply hollow ground primary bevel and flat-ground swedge offer exceptional edge geometry and point utility to effectively tackle practically any cutting chore. The blade also features a Trademark Round Hole™, proudly identifying it as a Spyderco product and offering additional one-hand opening options.

    The Rubicon’s handle is built on a framework of skeletonized full titanium liners that provide exceptional strength to the knife’s LinerLock mechanism. The thick liners are covered with three-dimensionally-machined solid carbon fiber scales that are polished to a high finish to reveal the multi-layered matrix of this premium material. The special three-lobed blade pivot is accented by circular orange G-10 inlays on both sides of the handle and balanced by a matching orange G-10 spacer in the handle. A broad, contoured titanium pocket clip supports right-side, tip-up carry and ensures that the knife is always readily accessible when you need it.

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Name:	C187CF_L.jpg 
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ID:	182814

    • length overall 7.40" (188 mm)
    • blade length 3.04" (77 mm)
    • cutting edge 2.75" (70 mm)
    • blade steel CPM S30V
    • grind Hollow
    • length closed 4.36" (111 mm)
    • blade thickness 0.138" (3.5 mm)
    • weight 4.3 oz (122 g)
    • handle material Carbon Fiber
    • origin Taiwan
    • MSRP 499.95 USD

    Aktualisiert: 23.11.14 um 11:04 von pitter

    Neuigkeiten zu Messern und Lampen
  5. Frisch aus der Werkstatt

    Liebe Messerfreunde,

    hier sind zwei meiner neuen Arbeiten.

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Name:	1966686_752484251496890_8084954602941525624_n.jpg 
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ID:	181766

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Name:	1506884_752484311496884_2985719674485034731_n.jpg 
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ID:	181767

    Stahl: 320 Lagen DSC Damast von Markus
    Mittellage: CK 60

    Ich hoffe es gefällt euch, natürlich findet ihr das Messer auch auf meiner Webseite


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Name:	10402052_753963491348966_1980465189027355961_n.jpg 
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ID:	181768

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Name:	1374128_753963438015638_7508238352573392353_n.jpg 
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ID:	181769

    DSC Damast von Markus 160 Lagen

    Und natürlich findet ihr auch dieses Messer auf meiner Homepage


    LG Metin