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  1. Presseinfo: Buck Crosslock


    After unveiling an updated version of the Alpha Crosslock at the beginning of this year, the developers at Buck have created yet another version—this time with an emphasis on the trail rider, rancher or general outdoorsmen.

    The new version, the Crosslock Hoofpick, now offers a hoof pick and modified spear point blade and is an extremely important tool for any horse owner. The 3” hoof pick is ideal for cleaning ...
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  3. Presseinfo: Gentlemen für die Hosentasche - Die Moki Clio-Serie

    Gentlemen für die Hosentasche - Die Moki Clio-Serie

    Seit über 100 Jahren werden bei Moki in Japan Messer gefertigt. Manufakturen gibt es viele, doch kaum eine hat es geschafft, so berühmt für ihre Qualität zu werden. Alle Messer, ob feststehend oder Folder, könnten ausnahmslos als Custom-Made-Einzelstücke durchgehen. Ein besonderes Highlight stellen die neuen Clio-Modelle dar.

    Im Gegensatz zum sonst häufig verwendeten AUS8-Stahl, kommt hier ein kernloser VG2/VG10 – ...
  4. Presseinfo: Spyderco C179P SPY-DK

    Normally progress involves advances in materials, function, performance, and reliability. However, sometimes moving forward to meet the needs of our changing society means taking a calculated step “backward” in technology. A prime example of this concept is Spyderco’s Spy-DK™ folding knife.

    As the knife laws of other countries became stricter, the UK Penknife became increasingly popular among knife users in many other areas of the world. Some countries, however, like Denmark, prohibited ...
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  6. Presseinfo: Spyderco Clipitools - SUPER BLUE BLADE STEEL

    ClipiTool™ knives represent an exciting new breed of Spyderco cutting tools that redefine the concept of the multi-function pocketknife. As we all know, pocketknives that combine the cutting performance of a primary blade with one or more other tools are nothing new. Therein lies the problem.

    Even though most of today’s multi-function knives are rendered with modern, high-performance materials, their designs have not evolved significantly since they were first invented centuries ago. ...