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  1. Spyderco - C204GP PattadaTM

    Spyderco - C204GP PattadaTM

    Spyderco’s unique Ethnic Series is an ongoing project to recognize and pay tribute to the world’s distinctive ethnic knives by expressing them in modern form with the finest materials and manufacturing methods. The latest member of this elite family is the Pattada, which draws its name from the cutlery capitol of Sardinia, an autonomous region of Italy and the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Pattada is best known for its production of traditional Sardinian ethnic knives called resolzas. For generations, local artisans in Pattada have specialized in hand crafting this classic shepherd’s folding knife pattern, which features a long, narrow blade with a pronounced belly that tapers to an acute point. Resolza handles are traditionally made with genuine ram’s horn scales supported by a steel backspacer and a wraparound metal bolster that reinforces the blade’s pivot pin. Mirroring the knife’s blade, the handle shape is long and narrow, terminating with a distinctive “pinky hook” at the butt end.

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    Original resolza knives were true friction folders and had no springs or mechanical locking mechanisms to secure the blade in the open position. Although many resolza are still made in this way, this iconic pattern can also be found expressed as a non-locking slipjoint with a backspring in the handle and as a classic leaf-spring-powered, button-fired automatic knife. Still the everyday cutting tool of choice of the people of Sardinia, the resolza is also widely known as a “Pattada” knife because of its close association with the city where it is made.

    Spyderco’s Pattada takes the classic lines and timeless styling of the original resolza and expresses them with state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing methods. Its unmistakable blade shape, characterized by a straight clip point and long curved cutting edge, is faithfully executed in Böhler-Uddeholm N690Co steel—a high-performance stainless steel alloyed with cobalt, molybdenum, and vanadium. Like the traditional version, the blade features a full-flat grind and PlainEdge™ cutting edge; however, it also includes Spyderco’s Trademark Round Hole™ for swift, positive one-handed opening.

    The Pattada’s gracefully contoured handle faithfully maintains the classic lines of the original, but expresses them with high-tech modern materials. Its full stainless steel liners provide exceptional structural strength and form the foundation of the knife’s sturdy LinerLock mechanism. They are joined by stainless steel standoffs that create an open-backed construction to reduce weight and simplify cleaning. Meticulously machined G-10 scales enclose the liners and provide a contoured, extremely comfortable grip. A proud member of Spyderco’s CLIPIT™ family, the Pattada includes a deep-pocket wire clip that offers convenient tip-up access and is reversible for carry on either side of the body. ...
  2. Extrema Ratio - Fulcrum C FH - Shrapnel OG FH

    Extrema Ratio - Fulcrum C FH - Shrapnel OG FH

    Extrema Ratio is proud to present the new version of Fulcrum C and Shrapnel OG with a more comfortable 127 mm FULL HANDLE.

    FULCRUM C is the compact version of the FULCRUM, which it equals in robustness and sturdiness. Its downsized blade (only 4" 1/3 long) and handle make it comfortable to carry and easily concealed. The included hard sheath can be worn vertically, horizontally or obliquely (at a 45° angle), and sports a single automatic pressure-activated security lock for quick, easier drawing and sheating. This makes the FULCRUM C an intuitive, rapid-use knife, ideally suited to emergencies or self-defense. The original version of the FULCRUM C comes with a 3.93in compact handle, the Full Handle version comes with a more comfortable 5in handle.

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    SHRAPNEL OG is a truly versatile “back up” knife with marked combat qualities. Its leaf-shaped blade is flat ground at a characteristically low angle to a wide, extraordinarily sharp edge. The included hard sheath can be worn vertically, horizontally or obliquely (at a 45° angle). Unlike the older model it supersedes, the SHRAPNEL OG hilt design does not include a guard. The original version of the SHRAPNEL OG comes with a 3.9in compact handle, the Full Handle version comes with a more comfortable 5in handle.

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    Available soon in the best knives shops and on
    Extrema Ratio S.a.s.
    Via Traversa delle Ripalte 72/74/76/78 - 59100 PRATO - Italy
    Tel. +39 0574 584639 - Fax. +39 0574 581312 -
  3. Victorinox Jahresmesser 2016

    Die Victorinox Damast Limited Edition 2016

    Mit seiner Klinge aus leistungsfähigem Damaststahl, neuer Funktion und edelcooler Optik begeistert das auf 5'000 Exemplare limitierte Taschenmesser Pioneer X Damast Limited Edition 2016 Sammler und Nutzer gleichermaßen.

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    Bereits das erst kürzlich lancierte Taschenmesser Pioneer X sorgte für Aufsehen: Denn als erstes Modell der besonders robusten Pioneer-Taschenwerkzeuglinie hat es serienmäßig eine Schere an Bord. Damit kam das Schweizer Familienunternehmen dem Wunsch zahlreicher Kunden nach, die Bedarf an belastbarer Funktionalität und praktischer Raffinesse angemeldet hatten. Denn gerade bei feineren Arbeiten wie dem Zuschneiden von Papier oder dem Abschneiden eines Fadens am Sakko ist eine Schere das Mittel der Wahl.

    Diesen neuen Klassiker im Programm nahm sich Victorinox zum Vorbild für die Damast Limited Edition 2016 – und „erhöhte“ gleich zweifach: Denn für die Klinge des Pioneer X Damast Limited Edition 2016 kommt anstelle des standardmäßig verwendeten 1.4116- Stahls ein rostbeständiger und besonders verschleißfester Hochleistungsdamast mit 150 Lagen zum Einsatz. Das starke Thor-Damastmuster fasziniert Kenner auf den ersten Blick und wurde nur für die Edition 2016 hergestellt. Zusätzlich werden die charakteristischen Alox-Schalen in der limitierten Ausführung nicht silbern eloxiert, sondern in einem besonders edlen Grauton mit nuanciertem Grünanteil.

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    Diese Kombination ist ein Anblick, den man selten sehen wird – nur 5'000 Mal, um genau zu sein. Denn mehr Exemplare des exklusiven und individuell nummerierten Pioneer X Damast Limited Edition 2016 werden nicht gefertigt.

    Ergänzt werden die vielseitig nutzbare Damaststahl-Klinge und die präzise arbeitende Schere von einer geschärften Stech-Reib-Ahle, einem perfekt funktionierenden Dosenöffner mit kleiner Schraubendreherspitze und einem grundsoliden Kapselheber, der zusätzlich als Schraubendreher und Kabelabisolierer fungiert.

    Die gesamte Konstruktion des 95 Gramm leichten Pioneer X Damast Limited Edition 2016 ist auf Haltbarkeit und Belastbarkeit ausgelegt. Dafür sorgen die robusten, hart-eloxierten Aluminiumschalen, besonders hohe Materialstärken bei den Nietverbindungen und Werkzeugklingen sowie die millionenfach bewährte Mechanik.


    1. Klinge Damaststahl
    2. Stech-Reib-Ahle
    3. Dosenöffner mit
    4. - kleinem Schraubendreher
    5. Kapselheber mit
    6. – Schraubendreher
    7. – Drahtabisolierer
    8. Schere
    9. Ring

    Victorinox AG
    CH-6438 Ibach-Schwyz
  4. Extrema Ratio - PSYCHO 15 SATIN

    Extrema Ratio - PSYCHO 15 SATIN

    Small kitchen knife. The classic knife for general use for those that love compact and functional knives. Almost a combat. Satin version with sheath in real leather and desert camo version with sheath in cordura.

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    • Weight g.: 259
    • Weight oz.: 9,1
    • Blade Length (mm): 153
    • Blade Length (in): 6
    • Total Length (mm): 287
    • Total Length (in): 11,3
    • Blade Thickness (mm): 4
    • Blade Thickness (in): 0,16Blade Material:
    • BöHLER N690 STEEL (58HRC)
    • Blade Finishing:SATIN
    • Main Grid: FLAT
    • Handle Material: FORPRENE

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    Extrema Ratio S.a.s.
    Via Traversa delle Ripalte 72/74/76/78
    59100 Prato (PO) Italy
  5. Para Military 2 Production Deviation

    Para Military 2 Production Deviation

    It’s no secret that the Para Military 2 is one of Spyderco’s most popular and in-demand products. Since its introduction in 2010, we have worked extremely hard to increase our production of it and, particularly since the opening of our new factory facility last year, have made great progress toward that end.

    Although we are now producing more Para Military 2s than ever before, we recently ran into an unexpected problem. After machining a large batch of G-10 scales for the Para Military 2, we peeled off the protective top layer and discovered that the texture of the material we received was coarser than the G-10 we normally use. We had this same experience in our production of the scales for the Yojimbo 2. Unfortunately, by the time we realized this, we already had a significant inventory of machined scales for these models on hand.

    After careful consideration of all the options, we decided the best course of action was to maintain our manufacturing stride and temporarily fulfill the ongoing demand for these models using the coarser G-10 material. This material is made to the same exacting quality standards as the G-10 we typically use, it just has a somewhat coarser texture pattern. To give you an idea of the difference, here’s a close-up photo of a standard G-10 scale next to the coarser one.

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    This temporary situation resulted in the production of a few hundred each of C81GP2 Para Military 2 with satin finished blade and the C81GPBK2 Para Military 2 with black blade with the coarser G-10 scale texture. It also produced several hundred C85GP2 Yojimbo 2s with the same scale material. These knives are being released into our distribution network in exactly the same way as the standard versions of these models and are currently shipping.

    We have now reestablished our supply of G-10 with the standard texture and all current and future production will continue to use that material.

    Just as we learned when we were kids, honesty is the best policy. And at Spyderco, that’s our only policy. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this temporary deviation.

    Spyderco, Inc.
    820 Spyderco Way

    Golden, CO 80403
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