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  1. Presseinfo: Buck Crosslock


    After unveiling an updated version of the Alpha Crosslock at the beginning of this year, the developers at Buck have created yet another version—this time with an emphasis on the trail rider, rancher or general outdoorsmen.

    The new version, the Crosslock Hoofpick, now offers a hoof pick and modified spear point blade and is an extremely important tool for any horse owner. The 3” hoof pick is ideal for cleaning packed in dirt, mud, or debris from hooves and maintaining the health of a horse’s feet. The textured handle has added features for an easy grip, with or without gloves and in wet conditions. Weighing in at a total weight of only 4 ounces, the Crosslock Hoofpick is durable yet lightweight for everyday carry. It’s easily packed in its nylon sheath, but also includes a belt clip for pocket carry.

    Although it is efficient and effective as a ranch knife, this tool isn’t meant for just the stable. The 3” partially-serrated, spear point blade is perfect for everyday use and features one-hand opening and closing. The spear point and hoof pick are both constructed of 420HC steel for excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.

    “The original Crosslock has been a top performer for us since it was first introduced,” said Stephanie Young, Marketing and Communications Manager for Buck Knives. “We anticipate the Crosslock Hoofpick will be a great addition to our new Xtreme category of outdoor knives.”

    Handle patterns were also updated and the new Crosslock Hoofpick is offered in red or brown anodized aluminum handle and comes with a brown nylon sheath.

    Proudly made in the USA and backed by Buck’s Forever Warranty, the Crosslock Hoofpick has an MSRP of $90. The Crosslock Hoofpick will be available June 15, 2014.

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    Buck Knives, Inc.
    208-262-0500 x209
  2. Presseinfo: Gentlemen für die Hosentasche - Die Moki Clio-Serie

    Gentlemen für die Hosentasche - Die Moki Clio-Serie

    Seit über 100 Jahren werden bei Moki in Japan Messer gefertigt. Manufakturen gibt es viele, doch kaum eine hat es geschafft, so berühmt für ihre Qualität zu werden. Alle Messer, ob feststehend oder Folder, könnten ausnahmslos als Custom-Made-Einzelstücke durchgehen. Ein besonderes Highlight stellen die neuen Clio-Modelle dar.

    Im Gegensatz zum sonst häufig verwendeten AUS8-Stahl, kommt hier ein kernloser VG2/VG10 – Damast zum Einsatz. Er beschert den Klingen nicht nur eine hervorragende Leistung, sondern auch ein wunderschönes Muster. Als klassischer Folder sind die Clios mit Nagelhau und Lockback ausgestattet.

    Wahlweise mit einer Griffbeschalung aus schwarzem Micarta oder braunem Eisenholz. Zwischen Klinge und Griffmaterial präsentiert sich eine schlichte Backe aus rostfreiem Stahl. Der eingesetzte Schriftzug aus vernickeltem Silber ist ein Garant dafür, ein kleines Meisterwerk aus Japan in den Händen zu halten. Wie bei Moki typisch, ist der Griffabschluss aus Perlmutt mit einer Einlage aus Abalone. Als eleganter Schutz gehört zu jedem Messer ein Etui aus Wildleder.

    • Stahl: VG2/VG10 – Damast (rostfrei)
    • Griff: Micarta oder Eisenholz
    • Etui: Wildleder
    • Klingenlänge: 60 mm
    • Gewicht: 80 g
    • Preis Micarta: 499,-
    • Preis Eisenholz: 439,-

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    Haller Stahlwaren GmbH
    Am Gartennest 1
    74544 Michelbach/Bilz
    Tel.: 0791/47003
    Fax : 0791/47005
  3. Presseinfo: Spyderco C179P SPY-DK

    Normally progress involves advances in materials, function, performance, and reliability. However, sometimes moving forward to meet the needs of our changing society means taking a calculated step “backward” in technology. A prime example of this concept is Spyderco’s Spy-DK™ folding knife.

    As the knife laws of other countries became stricter, the UK Penknife became increasingly popular among knife users in many other areas of the world. Some countries, however, like Denmark, prohibited any one-hand-opening knife. To meet the needs of Danish knife users, in 2005 Spyderco produced a modified version of the UK Penknife with a small, chamfered Trademark Round Hole and a shorter blade. The reduced size of the Round Hole still proudly proclaimed the knife as a Spyderco product, but eliminated its function as a “purchase” for one-hand opening. The “DK Penknife™” successfully met Denmark’s legal requirements for a legally permissible pocketknife, but was only produced in limited quantities.

    The Spy-DK traces its lineage back to Spyderco’s UK Penknife™. Originally released in 2004, it was developed in response to restrictive laws in England that prohibited the carry of one-hand-opening lock-blade knives. The UK Penknife combined the key advantages of a classic Spyderco CLIPIT®—a convenient pocket clip and our Trademark Round Hole™—with an improved version of the traditional slipjoint mechanism that featured a notched joint. The resulting hybrid pioneered the concept of the SLIPIT™—a non-locking, clip-carried, one-hand-opening pocketknife—and was an immediate hit in England.

    Having confirmed that there was a market eager for a Denmark-legal pocketknife, Spyderco approached Danish custom knifemakers Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes and asked them to design an all-new folding knife that was fully compliant with Danish knife law and was consistent with the traditional style of Danish working knives. The resulting knife, released in 2012, was called the Pingo™. Although it was well received and successfully met the needs of most Danish knife users, some of them appealed to Spyderco to make a Denmark-legal knife that offered a more conventional blade shape and better point utility. The response to that appeal was a second-generation DK Penknife—the Spy-DK.

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    • length overall 3.60" (91 mm)
    • blade length 2.69" (68 mm)
    • blade steel N690Co
    • length closed 6.29" (160 mm)
    • cutting edge 2.30" (58 mm)
    • weight 1.9 oz (54 g)
    • blade thickness 0.112" (2.8 mm)
    • handle material FRN

    The Spy-DK is based on the exact same platform as the UK Penknife. Its blade is full-flat ground from Böhler-Uddeholm’s premium N690Co stainless steel, but its length is reduced to 2.69 inches (68mm) to comply with Danish law. Its Trademark Round Hole™ clearly identifies it as a Spyderco knife and provides a handy ...
  4. Presseinfo: Spyderco Clipitools - SUPER BLUE BLADE STEEL

    ClipiTool™ knives represent an exciting new breed of Spyderco cutting tools that redefine the concept of the multi-function pocketknife. As we all know, pocketknives that combine the cutting performance of a primary blade with one or more other tools are nothing new. Therein lies the problem.

    Even though most of today’s multi-function knives are rendered with modern, high-performance materials, their designs have not evolved significantly since they were first invented centuries ago. In particular, their use of traditional nail nicks as a purchase to open the different tools is inconvenient, slow, and more often than not results in chipped fingernails and frustration. Traditional pocketknives also ride in the bottom of the pocket where they can be difficult to access, get lost among other items, and are vulnerable to lint and pocket trash.

    ClipiTool knives change all that by integrating many of the features that define Spyderco’s revolutionary one-hand-opening folding knives with the concept of the classic multi-blade slipjoint pocketknife. The heart of every ClipiTool is its primary blade, which features a broad profile and a full-flat grind for reliable cutting performance far beyond its size. It also features Spyderco’s distinctive Trademark Round Hole™ and a forefinger choil (groove). Although not intended for one-handed operation, the round hole makes two-handed opening of the non-locking, slipjoint blade much easier. The forefinger choil allows a secure grip that puts your hand close to the cutting action and enables the index finger to act as a natural stop to prevent accidental closure of the blade.

    The ClipiTool knife's primary cutting blade is accompanied by a secondary tool that also folds conveniently into the handle via a non-locking slipjoint mechanism. Currently these tools include a choice of scissors, a serrated blade, or a combination bottle opener/flat-bladed screwdriver. Like the main blade, these tools all include Trademark Round Holes that support an easy pinch grip of the thumb and index finger for quick, positive two-handed opening.

    ClipiTool knives are constructed entirely of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and feature superior fit, finish, and attention to detail. They also include a handy clip allowing them to be clipped to the top of a pocket or similar location to keep them instantly accessible and free from pocket lint and other debris. This clip also enables ClipiTools to function as money clips if carried inside the pocket.

    Compact, convenient, and extremely versatile, ClipiTool knives are also very affordable. The suggested retail price of the three current models is only $39.95, and future models are already in the works.

    More than 30 years ago, Spyderco redefined the lock-blade folding knife. Our newest breed of tools does the same thing for the multi-function slipjoint pocketknife. ClipiTool knives—The evolution of revolution. ...
  5. Presseinfo: Spyderco C06TIP TUSK

    Spyderco C06TIP TUSK

    We’ve all heard the saying, “Good things come to those who wait.” If that’s true, great things must come to those who wait patiently for more than 25 years. Spyderco’s new Tusk mariner’s tool is certainly proof of that.

    The original concept of the Tusk was conceived by Spyderco’s founder Sal Glesser in the early 1980’s. He wanted to create a compact, multi-function folding tool that incorporated a locking marlinspike, a cutting blade, and other performance features that would be of benefit to sailors. Unfortunately, development of the concept was limited by the lock technology of the time and his early design efforts never progressed beyond a few very rough sketches and the reservation of a product code as a “placeholder.”

    More than 25 years later, Sal’s son Eric Glesser found the original sketches in Spyderco’s files and decided to pick up the project, pursuing Sal’s original vision with his own design flair and the benefit of decades of Spyderco technological innovation. In addition to the original marlinspike function, he added two sizes of shackle keys and a high-performance cutting blade, all synergistically nested in a convenient, pocket-friendly package. He also incorporated modern high-strength locks and state-of-the-art materials to ensure extreme strength, reliability, and highly rust-resistant construction. The result is an extraordinary working tool and a vivid reflection of Spyderco’s rich history.

    The foundation of the Tusk is its handle, which is precision machined from two slabs of solid titanium that provide extreme strength, light weight, and are impervious to corrosion. One end of the handle houses a Plain Edged blade ground from LC 200 N steel—a nitrogen-alloyed tool steel that offers extreme toughness and superior corrosion resistance. This advanced alloy has a highly refined, homogenous microstructure and was specifically developed for tools subjected to high stress in corrosive environments. The Tusk’s blade features Spyderco’s Trademark Round Hole™ for easy, ambidextrous one-handed opening and locks open via a sturdy Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) mechanism machined directly into one of the handle’s titanium scales.

    At the other end of the Tusk’s handle is a 300-series stainless steel marlinspike, which features a unique round-to-square cross section for increased leverage when loosening knots. The marlinspike body is also home to a small shackle key for unscrewing and tightening threaded shackles. In the closed position, the marlinspike completes the ergonomic shape of the Tusk’s handle when using the knife blade and also forms a larger shackle key with the tool’s handle. To allow the marlinspike and its shackle key to withstand extreme leverage during use, it locks securely in place with Spyderco’s patented Ball Bearing Lock™ mechanism. When the spike is opened, a spring-driven plunger drives a ball bearing forward onto a ramp on ...