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Aktuelle Informationen aus Handel, Industrie und der Messermacherszene

  1. Kershaw - The NEW made-in-the-USA Kershaw Launch 7 is now available.

    With its machined handle and integrated backspacer, the Launch 7 has an industrial look that takes it out of the ordinary - way out of the ordinary.

    With a long 3.75-inch clip-point blade of CPM 154, the Launch 7 offers a long, lean profile. The steel is the powdered metallurgy version of the popular 154 CM knife steel. This version offers improved toughness, grindability, and polishability as well as providing excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. The handle is highly ...
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  3. Extremia Ratio - New Multipurpose Knife TASK J.

    Extrema Ratio is proud to present the new multipurpose knife TASK J.

    This knife has been developed together with material experts of Jagdkommando Unit, the Austrian Army special force.

    It is a multipurpose knife with double guards to avoid accidentally slipping of the hand on the blade. It comes with standard desert side sheath with automatic retention mechanism and protective slap. A fireball flint and striker is placed inside the sheath.

  4. Böker Messer-Manufaktur "Outdoor & Collection" Frühjahr/Sommer 2017

    Der neue Böker-Katalog "Outdoor & Collection" Frühjahr/Sommer 2017 erscheint diesmal Ende Februar und damit knapp 2 Wochen später als üblicherweise. Dafür ist es uns dank des unermüdlichen Einsatzes aller Böker Mitarbeiter gelungen, sogar die Neuheiten der amerikanischen Messermarken, die Mitte Januar auf der Messe Shot-Show in Las Vegas vorgestellt wurden, in den Katalog zu integrieren.

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ID:	214349 ...
  5. Buck 110 Automatic


    The timeless 110 Folding Hunter has been transformed into an exciting automatic knife. The 110 AUTO is powerfully deployed with the push of a button, instantly readying the 420HC blade.

    First introduced by Al Buck in 1964, the Model 110 Folding Hunter revolutionized the industry and quickly became a top seller with its breakthrough folding locking system. As one of the worlds most imitated and easily-recognized ...
  6. Lionsteel - New Lionsteel Big Daghetta

    Lionsteel - New Lionsteel Big Daghetta

    It is the bigger version of the historic Daghetta designed by Max in the 2000s.

    As the original one, this version is equipped with the LionSteel TOL Tactical Operation Lock system, which allows to open the knife with one hand and blocks the blade in the open position.

    Ball-bearing system to facilitate the opening system.

    Window breaker with tungsten carbide inserts.

    D2 stainless steel blade with ...
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