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19.12.08, 10:58
Hallo Lieber Leute,

weil mein Deutsch nicht mehr so gut ist, mach ich dies auf English, aber vielleicht kann Jenni es übersetzen?

Yesterday my new Bark River arrived! Jenni took care for a quick and decent delivery as usual.
I'll start again with a photo of the knife ("borrowed" from the Bark River site).

The handle is made of Desert Ironwood, Vintage African warthog tusk and classic silver spacers. Between the wood and the tusk there are spacers too. The blade is made of 52-100 steel, which is used for ball-bearings. The blade is 12,5 cm long and total lenght of the knife is 23.5 cm.

When I ordered the knife I had some troubles with justifying the high price (for me then). Now, when I have it in my hands ...was it justified??? The answer is YES, YES, YES!
This knife is sheer craftmanship and the beauty is overwhelming. Even Conan, who crushes his enemies, got a bit emotional here... The picture doesn't do the knife any justice, in reality it is much prettier.

Now another thing I was in a pleasant way surprised with: ergonomics! This knife lays down in my hand as if it was tailor made for me and the knife really feels "alive". A closer inspection of the handle learns me why. The Warthog stag has a groove on the place were you put your fingertips, this groove is followed in the Ironwood, great job! On the other side of the handle the tusk bulbs a little bit, making a great fit for the palm of your hand. So the handle is very well contoured for both sides of your hands. Add to that the thinner part of the beginning of the handle, growing thicker backwards, the gentle curve of the handle and the balance on the first finger on top of that... need I say more? This knife really rocks! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: It's just beggin' for some serious use!

The 5 inch blade is flawless, made of 51-200 steel, a perfect full convex grind and no single imperfection here! The grind is totally different from my Bark River 1855 Hunting Bowie, which is hollow ground with a convex edge (no full convex).

As usual, Reid (aka Sharpshooter) did a flawless job on the sheath!It is very compact build, meaning that the knife won't be easy in the way.

Are there any negative points?

Well, to be honest... on some places of the handle, the front spacer is a bit higher then the Ivory, because the Ivory has a very irrigular shape. Well, perhaps a job I can do myself with a "Dremel".

Alltogether this is an amazing knife!

19.12.08, 11:38
Goeden dag Conan;),

I just could not see your picture, but the Boone II is one of my favorite
Bark River knives. Mine has a leather handle, I like the classic shape.
Worth every Euro.....:super:

Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar,

19.12.08, 11:45
Hello Pit

Thx for your reaction. Strange that you cannot see the picture because I see it on screen.
How comes you can write Dutch?

19.12.08, 11:53

my company firewall is strange, sometimes....:rolleyes:
I look again at home.

Update: That is a real beauty!:super:


My dutch comes from google.:glgl:
Even as I was sometimes in Nord-Holland, I had no opportunity to learn the language, because a lot of your folks talk so perfect in foreign tongues...