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03.07.11, 20:13

I offer knives from well known and even famous knives makers,
some factory made and a Sanrenmu.
Trading collectors knives will not be my mission, so these goes for
a low price

SRM GB-702
5,00 EUR

Ulf Lindgren Sweden
Handle: Desert iron wood
259,00 EUR

LA McConnell USA, Ats Fulltang
259,00 EUR

Ed Fowler 52100
139,00 EUR

Prince USA, Backlock folder
290,00 EUR

Klötzi Germany
Damask tanto

150,00 EUR

John Kubasec USA Linerlock
Handle: Titanium Blade: Mosaic dam

390,00 EUR

Kauhava Knife 63

34,90 EUR

Marttiini Silver Carbinox large
23,90 EUR

Tapiola Saamipuukko
199,00 EUR

Iisakki Horse head 95
59,90 EUR

Pictures and orders www.brisa.fi

Thank you