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  1. Presseinfo Extrema Ratio - T4000 C

    Extrema Ratio is proud to introduce the new T4000 C.

    The T4000 C continues the purest Extrema Ratio tanto collection, for those who love Japanise profile blades but do not want to waive the typical tactical accessories like handle and sheath.


    Weight g.: 196,0
    Weight oz.: 6,9
    Blade Length (mm): 104
    Blade Length (in): 4,1
    Total Length (mm): 208
    Total Length (in): 8,2
    Blade Thickness (mm): ...
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  3. Presseinfo LionSteel - T.R.E. Three Rapid Excange OVERALL Knife of the Year 2015

    LionSteel has won another important award during the Blade Sow 2015 in Atlanta, USA:

    OVERALL Knife of the Year 2015

    T.R.E. Three Rapid Excange LionSteel

    Folding knife with Titanium Fame Locksystem. This knife is equipped with a LionSteel patented system that allows the user to carry the knife with or without the Flipper feature choosing thus to screw or remove it from the blade. The knife has a fully machined Titanium frame, pocket clip and spacer. ...

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    Neuigkeiten zu Messern und Lampen
  4. Presseinfo Spyderco - New Folder Models

    C193TIP Squarehead Folder

    Being “different” has never bothered Spyderco. In fact, it’s one of the defining qualities of our approach to making knives—particularly knives like the newly released Squarehead™ folder.

    The Squarehead is the brainchild of Darriel Caston, a full-time electrical and electronic engineer who has been designing and making custom knives part time since 1992. Long before that, he developed a deep fascination with pens, small folding knives, gadgets, ...
  5. - 2015er Produkte

    Erstmal ein herzliches "Hallo" ins Forum!

    Wir betreiben seit Anfang März einen reinen und offiziellen Online-Shop mit ColdSteel Produkten.
    Zur Zeit warten wir wie viele Andere auch auf die neuen und überarbeiteten 2015er Versionen.
    Überarbeitete Design und neue, bessere Stähle lassen die Erwartungen steigen.
    Wir haben bereits über 20 der neuen Produkte sofort lieferbar und ein großer Teil wird in ca. 1 Woche geliefert.

    Wir würden uns freuen, ...
  6. the-endless-search-for-the-perfect-knife (spelling updated)​ "Endless" Knife � Rolf Hatterscheid

    As a small boy back in the Bronx, I was always interested in finding something of "lasting" value. Steel bolts, hammers and sturdy things interested me. Anything that seemed well made, solid, enduring and indestructable. Well, as Cub Scout time came, I also discovered knives. On my birthday, I received a very ...
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