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  1. Spyderco - C204GP PattadaTM

    Spyderco - C204GP PattadaTM

    Spyderco’s unique Ethnic Series is an ongoing project to recognize and pay tribute to the world’s distinctive ethnic knives by expressing them in modern form with the finest materials and manufacturing methods. The latest member of this elite family is the Pattada, which draws its name from the cutlery capitol of Sardinia, an autonomous region of Italy and the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Pattada is best known for its production of traditional ...
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  3. Extrema Ratio - Fulcrum C FH - Shrapnel OG FH

    Extrema Ratio - Fulcrum C FH - Shrapnel OG FH

    Extrema Ratio is proud to present the new version of Fulcrum C and Shrapnel OG with a more comfortable 127 mm FULL HANDLE.

    FULCRUM C is the compact version of the FULCRUM, which it equals in robustness and sturdiness. Its downsized blade (only 4" 1/3 long) and handle make it comfortable to carry and easily concealed. The included hard sheath can be worn vertically, horizontally or obliquely (at a 45° angle), and sports ...
  4. Victorinox Jahresmesser 2016

    Die Victorinox Damast Limited Edition 2016

    Mit seiner Klinge aus leistungsfähigem Damaststahl, neuer Funktion und edelcooler Optik begeistert das auf 5'000 Exemplare limitierte Taschenmesser Pioneer X Damast Limited Edition 2016 Sammler und Nutzer gleichermaßen.

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    Bereits das erst kürzlich lancierte Taschenmesser Pioneer X sorgte für Aufsehen: Denn als erstes Modell der besonders robusten Pioneer-Taschenwerkzeuglinie hat es serienmäßig ...
  5. Extrema Ratio - PSYCHO 15 SATIN

    Extrema Ratio - PSYCHO 15 SATIN

    Small kitchen knife. The classic knife for general use for those that love compact and functional knives. Almost a combat. Satin version with sheath in real leather and desert camo version with sheath in cordura.

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Name:	PSYCHO_15_satin_foto_principale_4.png 
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    • Weight g.: 259
    • Weight oz.: 9,1
    • Blade Length (mm): 153
    • Blade Length (in): 6
    • Total Length (mm): 287
    • Total Length (in): 11,3
    • Blade
  6. Para Military 2 Production Deviation

    Para Military 2 Production Deviation

    It’s no secret that the Para Military 2 is one of Spyderco’s most popular and in-demand products. Since its introduction in 2010, we have worked extremely hard to increase our production of it and, particularly since the opening of our new factory facility last year, have made great progress toward that end.

    Although we are now producing more Para Military 2s than ever before, we recently ran into an unexpected problem. After machining ...
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